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Empowering Compassionate Critical Decisions

If you are trying to cope with a loved one’s dementia onset while attending to all your other important individual and family responsibilities, you certainly can appreciate the powerful emotional and spiritual challenges you face each and every day. Consider the benefits of an experienced professional who can help you deal with these issues proactively.

Dr. Steve Glazer helps you and/or your family by providing:

• Practical, individualized strategies and implementation plans

• Counseling services derived from ethical and spiritual perspectives

• Referrals to Dr. Glazer’s network of organizations and professionals best suited to address your individual and family issues

Dr. Glazer offers one-time consultation or ongoing support – tailored to your individual and family needs including to:

• Seniors (The loved one who requires care)

• Family members, including the senior’s spouse and adult children

• Caregivers of the senior