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Rabbi Dave Greenspoon

“Our colleague Steve Glazer recently returned to Congregation Sha'are Shalom in Leesburg as a guest speaker. Steve led a lovely, informal, and deeply meaningful session he calls "Caring for Caregivers--Jewishly." The participants were mostly family caregivers of dementia patients, along with a Jewish professional in geriatric services. The effusive appreciation I heard from the participants (congregants and community friends) was gratifying. Steve really connected with the people and inspired hope and laughter in the face of their often overwhelming challenges. I share this recommendation so that your community too can benefit from Steve's sensitive presence and important insights. Bring Steve in to meet with your hesed committee, caregiver support group, or any other interested cadre; you and your community will be glad you did!”

Val C.
New York City

“Rabbi Steve has been an invaluable resource for my friends and family during the almost 20 years that we’ve known him. When it comes to the practical, emotional and spiritual matters surrounding end-of-life decisions, he has a uniquely compassionate approach to every situation. Most recently, our family was in crisis due to my mother-in-law’s advanced dementia. Rabbi Steve listened and offered advice and information that ultimately led to a successful outcome for her long-term care. I am so thankful I have him to turn to for wise counsel in difficult situations.”

Jeremy E.
Fairfax, VA.

“I've known Rabbi Glazer for about 20 years, so when I needed help identifying elder care resources in the midwest, he was the first person I contacted. He immediately responded, and using his vast network of connections, was able to provide useful unbiased information. Elder care issues aren't easy, but Rabbi Glazer is an invaluable part of the team.”

Elizabeth Koozmin, Beth Sholom Congregation, Frederick, MD

“Ten years ago, Rabbi Steve Glazer delivered an amazing High Holiday sermon at my old synagogue about caregivers and how they were the "heroes among us." Those of us in the congregation who were caring for loved ones or who had family members facing a serious illness were both deeply and profoundly affected by that sermon, and I never forgot its message. This past Sunday, I attended his presentation, "Caring for Caregivers--Jewishly," in which he discussed the elements of caregiving in the Jewish tradition accompanied by anecdotal examples from his own experiences. After opening the floor to discussion, attendees felt naturally compelled to share their stories and their fears with each other. One important result of this discussion was the eye-opening realization by some that their conventional Alzheimer's disease and dementia support groups were focused mainly on the patient treatments and resources and rarely on resources and coping mechanisms for the burned-out and exhausted caregiver. Through gentle facilitation, Rabbi Glazer identified the problem, provided a safe place for people to trade their stories, and offered hope to them that their needs could be addressed. ”

Rabbi Andrea Merow, Beth Shalom Congregation, Elkins Park, PA

“Wonderful Shabbat at Beth Sholom Congregation with Rabbi Dr.Steve Glazer as our guest speaker on the topic of Caring for Caregivers-Jewishly. Rabbi Glazer is an expert on helping families make decisions about how to care for loved ones who are ill. He is the editor of "Seasons of Caring: Meditations for Alzheimer's and Dementia Caregivers," a first of its kind volume of over 140 meditations by 70 religious leaders representing 17 faith communities. Rabbi Glazer taught and facilitated meaningful conversations with congregants about caring for loved ones.”

Alan E., CPA, J.D.

“Steve Glazer was a significant help to me and my family during the extended illness of my late wife. During her illness there were many healthcare, residential placement, ethical and ultimately end-of-life decisions that were very difficult to make from both a secular and Judaic basis. His compassionate manner, ease in speaking with my adult children and his personal support to me was invaluable. I would without reservation recommend Rabbi Glazer as a consummate professional skilled in the counsel of families facing the challenges of aging family members and those facing difficult decisions for a loved one.”

Ronald K., M.D.

“Steve Glazer has been very helpful in dealing with the problem of my elderly recently widowed father-in-law who lives 200 miles away, falls frequently, and is very forgetful. He refuses to move out of his home into an assisted living facility or allow a home health aide to stay with him. My wife has been torn between staying with her father and taking care of her responsibilities at home. Steve’s vast experience in dealing with problems of the elderly coming from a career of counseling, allowed him to come up with a plan that allowed my wife to balance her life caring for her father and spending guilt free time at home. Thanks to him we both have a less stressful and more satisfying life.”

Barbara W.

“I have known Steve— affectionately known as “Rabbi Steve”— since 1998 when my family and I joined his congregation, Congregation Beth Emeth in Herndon, VA. Beloved by congregants of all ages and stages, Steve quickly became “my rabbi” too. Having served many years on the synagogue’s Board of Directors (ultimately as President), I had the opportunity to observe Steve’s interactions not only with me, but with staff, board members, community members, and my fellow congregants. A compassionate and wise advisor, Steve uses his experience, along with his deep understanding of the tenets of Judaism, to guide people as they’re making important decisions or grappling with life’s tough moments.I myself have benefitted from this guidance in countless situations, and I know that through Glazer Consulting, many others will do the same.”

Rabbi David Greenspoon
Congregation Sha'are Shalom
Leesburg, VA

“Today Steve Glazer met with a group of interfaith clergy here in Loudoun County, discussing the implications of caregivers needs and congregational responses. He was (as always) personable and prepared with takeaway resources and "show-and-tell" material. Most valuable was the way he generated some deep and meaningful discussion among colleagues who are just building these connections. Big questions and practical approaches were both on the table and everyone walked away grateful for the shared conversation. I cannot recommend Steve enough; he has incredibly important Torah to share. Your community (congregation, school, havurah, etc) will be enriched for his visit. ”

Sheila B. JCCNV

“Yesterday's program, which was held at the JCCNV's (Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia) Leesburg area active adult outreach site, was very successful. The feedback was excellent. Several people came up to me afterward and told me they found it very valuable and were very glad they had come. Rabbi Glazer's initial presentation was very interesting and informative. Then he opened up the program for discussion and questions from the audience. There was excellent participation. Many of the people present were caregivers or had been caregivers in the past. They shared their stories, asked questions and offered advice to others. Their appreciation for Rabbi Glazer's knowledge, caring, and compassionate guidance was palpable. I think everyone benefited from the program, and was relieved and comforted by having the opportunity to have their own needs addressed. This is a very important topic and is only going to become more important in the coming years as the baby boomers come of age.”